1000+ Art Quotes You Need To Know Before Creating A MasterPiece

A painting is not a picture of an experience, but is the experience. Mark Rothko Quotes about Painting art quotes

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The Most Widest Collection of Famous Inspirational Art Quotes

When you use the language of ‘fact checking’ to talk about a film, I think you’re sort of fundamentally misunderstanding how art works. You don’t fact check Monet’s ‘Water Lilies.’ That’s not what water lilies look like; that’s what the sensation of experiencing water lilies feel like. That’s the goal of the piece. Graham Moore

Without freedom, no art; art lives only on the restraints it imposes on itself, and dies of all others. Albert Camus

When I work, and in my art, I hold hands with God. Robert Mapplethorpe

Venice is the perfect place for a phase of art to die. No other city on earth embraces entropy quite like this magical floating mall. Jerry Saltz

The artist produces for the liberation of his soul. It is his nature to create as it is the nature of water to run down the hill. W. Somerset Maugham

Only in art will the lion lie down with the lamb, and the rose grow without thorn. Martin Amis

I think most of the people involved in any art always secretly wonder whether they are really there because they’re good or there because they’re lucky. Katharine Hepburn

I’d rather not get into what I’m talking about lyrically. I think it’s impossible not to demystify a song when saying what it’s about. Music and art can be damaged severely by too much information; I say that as somebody that has participated in that. Trent Reznor

A painting that is well composed is half finished. Pierre Bonnard

We can learn the art of fierce compassion – redefining strength, deconstructing isolation and renewing a sense of community, practicing letting go of rigid us-vs.-them thinking – while cultivating power and clarity in response to difficult situations. Sharon Salzberg

Art is the daughter of freedom. Friedrich Schiller

It is through art, and through art only, that we can realise our perfection. Oscar Wilde

The basis of art is truth, both in matter and in mode. Flannery O’Connor

Art is accusation, expression, passion. Art is a fight to the finish between black charcoal and white paper. Gunter Grass

All art constantly aspires towards the condition of music. Walter Pater

For me, there has always been a disconnect with the sort of elitist structure of the high-art world – and my distaste for that is at odds with my feeling that art should aspire to do great things. Shepard Fairey

An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one. Charles Horton Cooley

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